Rigid Body Dynamics Library
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 NRigidBodyDynamicsNamespace for all structures of the RigidBodyDynamics library
 NMathMath types such as vectors and matrices and utility functions
 CQuaternionQuaternion that are used for singularity free joints
 CSpatialRigidBodyInertiaCompact representation for Spatial Inertia
 CSpatialTransformCompact representation of spatial transformations
 CBodyDescribes all properties of a single body
 CConstraintSetStructure that contains both constraint information and workspace memory
 CFixedBodyKeeps the information of a body and how it is attached to another body
 CJointDescribes a joint relative to the predecessor body
 CModelContains all information about the rigid body model
 CLoggingGuardHelper object to ignore any logs that happen during its lifetime