Rigid Body Dynamics Library
Joint.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  Joint
 Describes a joint relative to the predecessor body. More...
struct  CustomJoint


 Namespace for all structures of the RigidBodyDynamics library.


enum  JointType {
  JointTypeUndefined = 0, JointTypeRevolute, JointTypePrismatic,
  JointTypeRevoluteX, JointTypeRevoluteY, JointTypeRevoluteZ,
  JointTypeSpherical, JointTypeEulerZYX, JointTypeEulerXYZ,
  JointTypeEulerYXZ, JointTypeTranslationXYZ, JointTypeFloatingBase,
  JointTypeFixed, JointTypeHelical, JointType1DoF,
  JointType2DoF, JointType3DoF, JointType4DoF,
  JointType5DoF, JointType6DoF, JointTypeCustom
 General types of joints. More...


RBDL_DLLAPI void jcalc (Model &model, unsigned int joint_id, const Math::VectorNd &q, const Math::VectorNd &qdot)
 Computes all variables for a joint model. More...
RBDL_DLLAPI Math::SpatialTransform jcalc_XJ (Model &model, unsigned int joint_id, const Math::VectorNd &q)
RBDL_DLLAPI void jcalc_X_lambda_S (Model &model, unsigned int joint_id, const VectorNd &q)