Rigid Body Dynamics Library
rbdl_math.h File Reference

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 Namespace for all structures of the RigidBodyDynamics library.
 Math types such as vectors and matrices and utility functions.


typedef Eigen::Matrix< double, 6, 3 > Matrix63_t
typedef Eigen::Matrix< double, 4, 3 > Matrix43_t
typedef Eigen::VectorXd VectorN_t
typedef Eigen::MatrixXd MatrixN_t
typedef Vector2_t Vector2d
typedef Vector3_t Vector3d
typedef Vector4_t Vector4d
typedef Matrix3_t Matrix3d
typedef SpatialVector_t SpatialVector
typedef SpatialMatrix_t SpatialMatrix
typedef Matrix63_t Matrix63
typedef Matrix43_t Matrix43
typedef VectorN_t VectorNd
typedef MatrixN_t MatrixNd

Typedef Documentation

◆ Matrix43_t

typedef Eigen::Matrix<double, 4, 3> Matrix43_t

Definition at line 45 of file rbdl_math.h.

◆ Matrix63_t

typedef Eigen::Matrix<double, 6, 3> Matrix63_t

Definition at line 44 of file rbdl_math.h.

◆ MatrixN_t

typedef Eigen::MatrixXd MatrixN_t

Definition at line 48 of file rbdl_math.h.

◆ VectorN_t

typedef Eigen::VectorXd VectorN_t

Definition at line 47 of file rbdl_math.h.